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Meet Your Credit Restoration Specialist in Flagstaff

Want to buy a new car but have bad credit? Not an issue when you speak to one of the credit specialists at Flagstaff Nissan. Whether it’s a result of bankruptcy, bad credit history, general credit issues, or anything else, we have you covered. In fact, we’re even here to help you find bad credit auto loans to get you behind the wheel of your dream car. Don’t forget, these loans will also help you rebuild your credit—talk about an instant 2-for-1 win.

Get started today by contacting or visiting the Finance Center at Flagstaff Nissan. Either way, a new car and an upgrade to your credit score await you.

How Can You Qualify for a Bad Credit Auto Loan?

Getting started is as easy as filling out our online credit application. After you answer a few questions, one of our credit restoration specialists will take a look at your credit situation and get in touch with you as soon as we have all the details we need. From there, we’ll get in contact with you, ask about the car you’re looking for, and let you know everything from the estimated down payments to monthly payments to help you budget accordingly.

As a quick tip, don’t forget that a higher down payment can help a lender see you as more reliable—which not only increases the amounts of auto loans you can receive but also results in lower monthly payments. We’re also here to work with you so that you won’t need to resort to those scammy “buy here, pay here” lenders. We also don’t believe in predatory loans—instead, we’re genuinely here to help you improve your credit score while getting you behind the wheel of a new car at the right price.

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What Will Credit Restoration Specialists Do for You?

Flagstaff Nissan’s specialists are willing to work with everyone—good credit, bad credit, or no credit, we’re here for you. When you need help restoring your credit, we’ll help you obtain an auto loan by looking at much more than your credit scores or a financial decision from five years ago. Instead, we have strong and close relationships with banks who approve loans for car buyers with credit issues. These institutions believe everyone has the right to a second chance when it comes to a financial situation—that’s why we assess the down payment you can offer, ensuring you have a steady source of income. From there, we’ll get you approved for credit to drive a new car.

Our credit restoration specialists are also here to discuss all your buying options with you. They’re experts at everything from helping you plan your budget to assisting you in deciding which loan option works best for you.

All-In Convenience

At Flagstaff Nissan, we strive to make the car buying process as easy and simple as possible. That’s why we help you get started from the comfort of your couch. Even with challenged credit, we’ll help you get approved for an auto loan. Members of our financing team carefully review your financing application and get back to you with our recommendations within business hours.

Got a trade-in? Check out our Value Your Trade online tool to get an idea of what you’ll earn from your current vehicle. Let us know a few basic details, and we’ll have an estimate to you in seconds—helping you budget your next purchase ahead of time.

If you’re still searching for your next ride, our online inventory is here to give you the details on all our new, used, and Certified Pre-Owned vehicles. For super-budget-friendly cars, explore our Vehicles Under $10k section for easy-to-purchase rides that still pack uncompromised quality.

Restore Your Credit in Flagstaff, AZ

When you need bad credit auto financing or you’re ready to boost your credit score and get behind the wheel of a new ride, head to Flagstaff Nissan’s Finance Center. Our credit restoration specialists have seen nearly every credit situation imaginable and are here to help you with yours. While you’re here, don’t forget to schedule a test drive for any cars that stand out to you.

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