nissan 24 month car battery

The Benefits Of Nissan Power

A dead battery is inconvenient at best; at worst, it can be downright dangerous. Flagstaff Nissan offers a complimentary battery diagnostic test as part of our multi-point inspection. And should you need a new battery, we have the right one for your Nissan vehicle. We install Genuine Nissan Replacement Batteries, which are designed to meet your vehicle’s original specifications. Plus, Nissan Genuine Batteries come with an 84-month Limited Warranty.*

What Kind of battery Do You Need?

standard flooded

This is the most common type of battery and fits standard automobile models. It is wet-filled and free-floating electrolyte designed for high cranking or high cycling.

enhanced flooded battery

This enhanced version of the standard battery supports start-stop technology. It is also wet-filled and a free-floating electrolyte battery but is more powerful than the standard flooded.


absorbed glass mat battery

This battery design holds the electrolytes in glass mat separators as opposed to freely flooding plates. It supports start-stop technology with regenerative braking and passive boast and offers the highest performance and durability of the 3 types of batteries offered.


Keep an eye (and ear!) out for these signs from your car. It might indicate that you need a new battery:

Slow Cranking When You Start Your Vehicle

Clicking Noises When Turning The Key

Interior Lights Start To Dim

Dashboard Battery Light Stays On

You Need To Jumpstart Your Vehicle

Please don’t delay. Make your service appointment today with Flagstaff Nissan!

* *Genuine Nissan Battery only. See warranty information booklet for battery limited warranty details.