Parts Of Your Brakes

Because brakes are so important, it’s a good idea to understand the different moving parts that make up your brake system. When you press your brake pedal, the brake pads create friction; in turn, the brake rotor disperses heat throughout the vehicle to keep the brakes themselves from overheating. Both are essential to the proper functioning of your braking system and might need replacing at different times.


Genuine Nissan Braking Power

You can't overstate the importance of your braking system. That's why it's vital that your brakes be inspected and serviced regularly by our factory-trained technicians using Nissan Genuine Parts. Should you need replacement parts, your Nissan dealer has the right pads, rotors and more for your particular model.

Signs You Need New Brakes

Keep an eye (and ear!) out for these signs from your car. It might indicate that you need your brakes serviced:

Your Brake Warning Light Is On

Squealing/Grinding Noises When You Apply The Brakes

Your Vehicle Pulls To The Side When Braking

It Takes A Longer Time To Stop Than Normal

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